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one step at a time

weight loss hoe
This journal is made to track my weight loss. It will mostly contain an entry once a week with my measurements, what I have been doing while working out and what I have been eating, and as always a few stories that are in my mind way too funny for the outside world not to know about.
I have a normal LJ about me but I created this almost as an alter ego. As with most people im not comfortable with the way I look and I dont want my friends to know the size of my thighs each week so none of my personal friends will know about this journal but I hope to make some friends through here. Having said this, this journal will be friends only, please comment to be added id love to have as many friends as possible through here I just want to make sure I know who is and who isnt reading this. Also if after getting to know me on here you would like my normal LJ name just ask.